About Us

We’ve been helping businesses do business better since 1973. When it comes to office technology and services, we aren’t just experts- we’re customer-focused innovators who believe that service is the true mark of a company.

We are a nationally recognized and women-owned business which has kept things local and family-owned since the beginning. Our team combines the experience of nearly half a century of operation with the awareness of an involved community member. Nonetheless, we’re routinely recognized as leaders in our industry, paving the way into the future with cutting-edge solutions.

The secret to our success is that we’re built on a foundation of putting people first. Whether developing technology solutions which help businesses do what they do best or helping organizations acquire the highest quality office technology products, we believe in innovation, integrity, and delivering unparalleled customer experience.

The team at Multiscope is a perfect fit. Their expertise in Enterprise Fleet Management and Corporate Print Shops is integral to our successfully managing all of our clients print and document needs.
Staying ahead of the curve is gaining ever more critical importance as businesses struggle to stay one step ahead of the tidal wave of security threats. We’ve got plenty of practice. Our impeccable record of service and support is built on a culture of continual learning and growth.

We help companies do more than just pick out the best office equipment. Rather, each of our customers works closely with a family of leaders who are empowered to make decisions that will meet and exceed their needs. Our staff members are your advocates, and we put to work our deep industry knowledge for your benefit.

Ultimately, we strive to be a trusted business partner to our clients by providing superior technology services alongside the best practices of the industry. We focus on improving efficiency, sustaining the environment, and growing the bottom line. Each of these has one end goal in mind: helping you do better business.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Multiscope services our Canon equipment better than anyone we have used in the past. They support more than 100 units with ease”

Aaron K.

“Service from Multiscope has been Excellent and keeps our healthcare team running efficiently”

Kevin S.

“Multiscope supplies equipment and support nationwide for our law firm. They are responsive and flexible, allowing us to focus on other IT initiatives”

Sandy M.