About Us

Documents contain information that helps you run your business. Whether you print, store, scan, track, or edit them, documents contain data that keeps your business on track. Managing those documents requires thoughtful planning and execution. It means having a vision of how information flows throughout your company. It also requires a team that can help you understand what’s possible and how to get there. From making the day-to-day creation and printing of documents easier or more efficient to planning a secure workflow and document storage system, Multiscope can help. The Multiscope team of experienced document professionals will help you build and execute the right plan for your business. With Multiscope Managed Document Services (MDS), you can gain control of the documents and processes you have today and expand beyond into new levels of cost reduction and efficiency.


Multiscope is proud to be a certified distribution partner with the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX], the first technology platform to enable cloud-based paper measurement and reforestation. This innovative exchange allows companies and organizations to engage in truly sustainable business practices.

With PRX, customers “releaf,” or reforest, their paper consumption by planting new trees – equivalent to their paper use – at global reforestation project sites of their choice. Through PrintReleaf’s integration with Global Forest Watch, a platform hosted by the World Resources Institute, customers interface with heat map technology that represents forest loss and gain across the globe, showing them the areas where the planet needs trees the most.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Multiscope services our Canon equipment better than anyone we have used in the past. They support more than 100 units with ease”

Aaron K.

“Service from Multiscope has been Excellent and keeps our healthcare team running efficiently”

Kevin S.

“Multiscope supplies equipment and support nationwide for our law firm. They are responsive and flexible, allowing us to focus on other IT initiatives”

Sandy M.